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The head table: always a delicate matter

Planning your head table seating arrangements can be tricky, especially when parents are divorced or remarried. It is important to leave lots of time to plan a solution to this problem and consult the parties involved; if done well in advance of the wedding day, chances are that you can accommodate everybody’s needs.

Clever ideas for an inexpensive wedding

Are you in search of some ideas for a wedding that won’t leave you and your new spouse in debt for the next ten years? Here are a few tips on how to organize a delightful wedding that will not break your newly joined budgets.

Mistakes to Avoid

There is no doubt about it: organizing a wedding is a big job. To help make sure your special day goes off without a hitch, be sure to keep in mind these common mistakes and avoid them at all costs.

Lawrence wedding showcase inspires brides-to-be

It was gowns, gals, and goodies galore at Abe & Jake’s Landing, 8 E. 6th St., as brides-to-be meandered among regional vendors Saturday, collecting ideas for their upcoming nuptials.

DIY wedding: Going to the chapel without going bankrupt first

Those in the throes of planning a wedding and married couples offer some creative tips and tricks to put together a beautiful day that won’t break the bank.

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Picture Perfect

Long after the last birdseed has been thrown or the last bubble blown – and long after you’ve forgotten your top tier of cake in the freezer – you’ll want to have pictures of your wedding to remind you of the big day. Not to mention something for your children and grandchildren to heckle you about in the years to come – what was that hairdo? What’s the best way to ensure you have great photos?

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Fantastically Floral

Brides have almost as many choices when it comes to flowers as they do in choosing a dress. Should the bouquet be of cascading or nosegay variety? What should attendants carry? How many corsages and boutonnieres will be needed? What about flowers for the wedding sit? For the reception hall?

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Tips for the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner

Yes, weddings are all about the bride, but the groom has a time to shine, too. The rehearsal dinner is a vital component of the celebration. It’s traditionally hosted and paid for by the groom’s family. Weddings are a big undertaking, but one event that often gets left out or short shrift is the rehearsal dinner. Yet, it is a vital component – it’s often the first time the families have come together or the place where the high school buddies and the work friends who are in the wedding party first meet. So don’t make it a second-thought sort of event. It’s also the groom’s time to shine. Where to start? As with any special event or part of the wedding, get with the pros early.

Pretty as a pinup: Lawrence photographers lasso retro glamour in portraits

Lawrence is home to two photo studios that offer pinup portraits, and photographers say the style’s feminine vintage fashions and playful posing result in both a fun experience and finished products that look sexy without being sleazy.

Brides-to-be gather to gain inspiration from wedding showcase

More than 100 brides, along with friends, parents and fiancés, gathered under twinkling lights at Abe & Jake’s Landing on Saturday, roaming from booth to booth to collect ideas for their wedding days. After sampling some of the food, including pineapple shrimp, pulled pork, cheesy potatoes, bacon wrapped pork tenderloin and cream puffs, the crowd milled about, drinks in hand, looking at wedding gowns, tuxedos, flowers, dishware, photographers and DJs. By Nikki Wentling

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